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       The Chancellor, KPK University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar inaugurated Abbottabad Campus in October, 2002, in old premises of Ayub Medical College. The city of Abbottabad gained fame as being the city of schools and colleges. Due to a pleasant climate, people from all parts of country prefer to send their children to study in reputed educational institutions of Abbottabad, like Army Burn Hall, Abbottabad Public School, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology etc

       In addition, five medical colleges in the city also attract students. Establishment of campus of KPK UET in Abbottabad has not only addressed a longstanding public demand, but also enhanced the city's image as a seat of learning. Known for its natural beauty, better climatic conditions and a vast network of educational institutions, Abbottabad was ideally suited for such an institution of higher learning in applied sciences.

       Keeping in view the importance of the subject, the University of Engineering & Technology started the program at its Abbottabad campus form fall semester 2004 treating it as specialized discipline not being offered at other campuses of the University. Uptill now, 3 batches (105 students) have graduated from this campus duly accreditated by the Pakistan Engineering Council.
       The board of studies of the department has been constituted to revise and update the courses in order to coupe with modern trends in this important engineering discipline. While designing the courses the main emphasis in on concept building so that the graduate engineers are able to co-relate the theoretical knowledge in order to solve the practical problems in the field of electronic engineering. Besides academic activities the department encourages extracurricular activities like sports competition, debates, music concerts etc.
        The department regularly organizes seminars and extension lectures for the benefit of the students and faculty. In view of the importance of the subject, the department is planning to establish links with the related industry. 

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